Megan Clements

Pilates Practitioner
Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (10538NAT)

Megan Clements instructing a single leg press in Private Pilates session.jpg

Exceptionally qualified, Megan holds an Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method from Pilates International Training Centre (Pilates ITC) – the highest level Pilates qualification in the world. With over a decade of combined experience in and study of the Method, Megan lends expertise in specialist programming and rehabilitation applications. She has a well-honed skill for scanning the body for alignment, strength and weaknesses which makes her an intuitive, connected Instructor that clients love. 

Her Pilates story started over a decade ago, and like many Instructors, was triggered by an injury that left her in chronic panic and ill-health. She sought out the Method for its known therapeutic and rehabilitative qualities and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Megan has taught Pilates across Australia and overseas and is known for her rigorous work ethic and commitment to education and self-mastery all so she can best serve her clients and industry. She’s also an avid equestrian and advocates for the power of meditation and mindfulness in transforming health outcomes.

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