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Megan Joy Pilates is an intimate studio set inside Spine & Sports Centre; East Perth, offering:

  • Strength and Mobility classes (5 people max)

  • Personalised private classes

  • Duet sessions



Pilates is a form of movement, which addresses the body holistically. By addressing postural imbalances through a series of appropriate repertoire Pilates allows the body to return to its most functional self.

Basically, a system of exercise that allows you to live your life through ease of movement, strength and flexibility.

Pilates Principles

Contemporary Pilates has a focus structured around 8 basic principles;

  • Breathing

  • Centring

  • Control

  • Precision

  • Flowing movement

  • Concentration

  • Alignment 

  • Commitment


Your Pilates Practitioner

Megan Clements

Pilates Practitioner
Adv Dip Pilates Method

Megan started her journey with Pilates back over a decade ago sadly, following an incident that left her with crippling pain. After her accident, however, she was determined to recover through routine exercise and eventually, out of ill-health. Through some proper direction and correct movement patterns, Megan was able to help herself move better, and before long, reap the benefits of strengthening and re-stabilising her body by becoming fitter than ever. Since then, she has gone on to teach across Australia and overseas, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with her clients.

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Introductory Packages

Studio or Mat classes for the month of June

Expire 14 days after first class

Intro to Studio Pilates

3 Private Studio classes

Normally $198


Intro to Mat Pilates

14 day unlimited Matwork classes

Normally $140

The best option is to start with one of our introductory packages to give you a taste of what to expect.
Please note, any clients wishing to start Studio Pilates must do the Intro to Studio Pilates sessions before going into semi private sessions.

Once completing the intro sessions, we have a couple of different options to continue you on your Pilates journey
(if you need any help with any bookings we can help you navigate this process by calling
☎︎ 0417 959 436)



Timetable current as of 7th June, 2019



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