Remedial Massage therapy is the systematic approach to assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

  • Massage helps loosen tight musculature that are prone to aches and pains

  • Loosening shortened soft tissue to reduce the restricting effect of your body’s joints

  • Relax muscles that have become compensatory to other weak muscles. 

Your Massage

At your initial consultation with your massage therapist, they will discuss with you your health and background for the purposes of investigating the circumstances that brought you here.  A 60 to 90 minute sessions is recommended for your first appointment as a thorough assessment is essential for effective care and will involve gentle evaluation of soft tissue and your mobility. 

Follow up care, if recommended, will continually assess for progression of your body. As the benefits are cumulative, a personalised management plan will track your course of improvements.

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  • 30 minute massage: $70

  • 60 minute massage: $100

  • 90 minute massage: $140

    Remedial Massage Therapy is covered with most health fund providers under their 'extras' table and reimbursement can be made at the time of consultation if covered. 

For the purposes of


We want to have you feeling at your best and massage is just one of our ways of getting you there.

Our qualified therapists' sessions are designed with you in mind and help you feel and function at your most supple self.

Pregnancy Massage

Throughout pregnancy, your body goes through significant changes. Some of these can be uncomfortable, stressful, and at times painful. Our remedial massage therapists individually tailor the treatment to each expecting mother using organic oils and pregnancy pillows. It is also a beneficial treatment at a time when you can’t use some medicines.

Common pain during pregnancy includes the lower back, ankles, pelvis, shoulders and neck caused by changes in posture, weight bearing and muscle imbalance and weakness. Massage can help relax tense muscles and loosen over-toned muscles - allowing more natural movement and sleep much more comfortable. Tight muscle can limit movement. Restoring muscular integrity can help to improve flexibility, which is helpful especially during the last trimester where the swelling in hands, feet and legs can be reduced.

Irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve is widespread in pregnancy and can result in pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensation changes starting in the gluteal region and referring down the back of the leg to the feet. If muscular in origin (piriformis syndrome) massage can help by decreasing the tightness in the muscles around the lower back and glutes, which helps to reduce the irritation or compression of the nerve.

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